The Stone - A Natural Challenge

by Rev. Dr. Daniel Ahia-Armah on June 5, 2010

The Stone- A Natural Challenge

There is a prophetic word of God on your life declaring the King’s agenda for your future, but the peculiarities of a person can pose a great challenge to the realization of that dream or achievement. Some peculiar behavioral tendencies are directly in opposition to God’s word concerning your life. Moses had a peculiarity; he was not eloquent yet God used him and took care of that stone by appointing an eloquent person to assist him.

Just like Moses there is always a desperate attempt by the enemy (Satan) to keep you from fulfilling your destiny. The fulfillment of God’s prophetic agenda threatens the Kingdom of darkness, because it will elevate you. It will also bring great benefit to the rest of humanity and therefore causing havoc to the wicked intentions of the devil.

You are a target of the enemy and it will continue to be so until every good thing in you is stilled by the machinations of the devil. Every frustration to deter you from achieving your purpose will be released by the gates of hell and human enemies.

There is however something to hold unto as God’s word states “Forever oh Lord thy word is settled in heaven. “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but the word of God shall not pass away” The grass withers and the flowers fades but this word of God shall……”

Know that no peculiar impediment is capable of preventing your rise to destiny, because like Moses his speech did not prevent the fulfillment of his destiny. You are the only one who can prevent yourself from achieving your maximum because God always keeps his side of the promise.

Culled from: The Stone Seal and Soldiers by Rev Dr. Ahia-Armah