by anonymous on August 5, 2011

Rev. Daniel Jenkins - Snr. Pastor, Revelation Temple - ICGC, MD.

Revelation Temple (ICGC,MD) wishes Kingslight Chapel a glorious and a happy second Anniversary Celebration. I am so optismistic of the great future of Kingslight because I believe in the leadership of God's servants and the level of God's grace and anointing that both carry. Have a happy celebration for your future is bigger and brighter than you can imagine.

Rev. James K. Ennin, Snr. Pastor, River Of Life City Church - London, UK.

I rejoice with you, Daniel & Barbara and the entire family of KingsLight Chapel Int., as you celebrate your second Anniversary. I also thank and appreciate God so much for how far He has brought you and even more for what He's yet to do. There is a beckoning for you to cross over to the other side., this is a mandate from above to receive favour for the journey. Please be encouraged that as you celebrate this second year, God will turn all grace towards you; and you will cross over to take over in Jesus name! We will continue to pray with you. Greetings to all. God bless you. we love you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Rev. & Mrs. Lord Cobblah - Snr. Pastor, True Worshippers Sanctuary, London.

How good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.  For there the Lord commands his blessings.  We are proud to be part of and closely linked to such a wonderful family.  A family that is vibrant, focused and thriving stunningly.  We are not able to make it this year but we are with you in spirit and rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord with you.  We want to encourage everyone to make it a spiritual milestone and support KLC financially and every way they deem fit, to make this occasion and future ones grand.

This is a church whose leaders, Rev Dr. Daniel Ahia-Armah and First Lady Mrs.Barbara Ahia-Armah have vision, tenacity of purpose, sense of direction, ever expanding and will never give up in any situation until they have overcome.  Upon this we say, congratulations, happy 2nd anniversary and kudos to all the members of King Light Church for your collective good work and support.  It will never go unnoticed!

We wish you all the very best of success.

May this anniversary become a memorabilia in the minds and hearts of all as you celebrate and praise God for all He has done!

Rev. Eric Darko-Nyarko

We wish to congratulate Kingslight Chapel International VA,  on this very special occasion of your 2nd Anniversary. We know without any iota of doubt that this indeed is the planting of the Lord. The Bible says “………… and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
 I believe we have been strategically placed in this location to be a light, shinning for the testimony of Christ and to bring hope to many and generations yet unborn.
My prayer  for you on this special occasion is that the Church will stand strong, unmovable, and unshakable but will rather remain strong, united and focus, looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.
From Gallants Of Christ - KLC Men's Ministry.

Let us all rejoice in the name of the almighty God, on this day of KingsLight Chapel Int second anniversary.On behalf of the KLC Men’s Ministry. We thank God for giving the vision to Rev. Ahia -Armah and his wife for planting the seed of KLC two years ago in Woodbridge .

May God also bless those who gave to every need. And those who labored, with such care to build this church, your labor will never be in vain.May God bless you all for being part of this great celebration.Long abundant life KLC

Pastor & Mrs Charles Ahia-Armah - KLC New Jersey

But for the planting of KLC in Virginia, lives that were hitherto heading towards hell wouldn't have been saved; but for KLC in Woodbridge and Reston, talents, gifts, potentials and leadership qualities in the distiguished members wouldn't have been unearthed; but for KLC in Virginia under the able and visionary leadership of the founder and General Overseer, supported by the virtuous wife, destinies would have been lost in the woods." 
May you break new grounds in the ensuing years. Happy 2nd anniversary.
Rev. Paul & Mrs Opoku - Your Family in Phoenix Arizona
Dear Brothers in Christ  
As we celebrate our second anniversary it is our prayer that , The Good Lord who has started this Good work at kingslight international will surely stand with us through the years to come. May He continue to shower his blessings on the leadership and all the members. May we continue to grow in His word and see the full Glory of God in Jesus Name Amen .  Happy Aniversary