At the beginning of last year(2012) the servant of God, Rev. Dr. Armah under the unction of the Holy Ghost, prophesied that there was going to be many conceptions in KLC during the year leading to the arrival of many babies. Since this prophecy, there has been a record high, incredible number of conceptions in the church. So far there has been more than ten pregnancies and still counting. There has been a record high baby showers, baby naming and dedications, presently naming and dedications occur at least once every month. Currently there are about six pregnancies in the house awaiting delivery. We thank God for the fulfilment of His word.

A Lady banker from Ghana visited a friend in KLC one Thursday during the our popular Fire and Power Night, the Holy Ghost came upon our Senior Pastor, called her out and prophesied a mighty promotion and change in her life. God was bringing her from obscurity to the limelight the prophecy said. She fell under the power of God. Upon arriving in Ghana the prophecy started working quickly. She contested in the primaries and general elections of the past general elections in Ghana and was successful in both. Today she is a new member of Parliament in Ghana. A change too fast for her to comprehend. To God be the glory.

A couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary. Upon First lady's prompting, they went to see Senior Pastor to say a word of prayer to bless their marriage. As Senior Pastor was praying, a strong prophetic anointing came over him and he began to prophesy. He prophesied that God was going to bless this family with a baby boy who will grow up to become a prophet of God. He also prophesied the name which God himself had ordained for the baby as well as the month in which he would be born. All this seemed a lot to take in for this couple who simply came to receive a simple prayer on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. But our God is a God who watches over  His word to perform it. Once He said it, He will do it! Today, this child has been born, true to the word of God's servant-a male child born in the said month. To God be the glory.

A couple trusting God for the fruit of the womb encountered the supernatural power of God. These ouple had their breakthrough when the power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost came upon Rev. Dr. Daniel Ahia-Armah at a Thursday Revival dubbed “Fresh oil Revival”. In the midst of prayer and worshiping, Senior pastor invited the man to come forward to be prayed for. He prophesied that in the year 2012 he would be complete. Unknowingly the wife who lived in Africa at the time was having issues of coming to the States. Just as the servant of the Lord prophesied, it came to pass that same year the wife joined him. At another fire and power night the Servant of God prophesied to this same couple that the wife would conceive a baby girl. Within one month the conception took place, it happened according to the prophetic word. Yet at another fire and power night, the senior pastor prophesied an attack of the enemy against unborn child. The servant God declared that this shall not come not come pass. During the Shebah Convention 2013,  the guest Prophet Osbert confirmed all the prophesies from Rev. Dr. Daniel Ahia-Armah to the amazement of all. Today the baby girl is born and doing well.  Once again to the glory of God, the prophetic word from this anointed servant was fulfilled