Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry of Kingslight Chapel, is called Gallants of Christ, Spiritual giant killers, great visionaries and men of legacy.  Let us rise beyond our muscles into societal influence, beyond our deep masculine voices into leadership, beyond our pride into role models, beyond our speeches into action, beyond our slogans into indelible impact on the KLC family and our  generation as a whole. This is our time.
Our Slogan
The Slogan for Gallants of Christ is as follows:
Our Key Scripture

The foundational Scripture for the Men’s ministry is:
“Most men ill proclaim everyone his own goodness but a faithful man who can find? The just man walketh in his integrity: His children are blessed after him”                                                                                                   Proverbs 20:6-7   
Our Mission
“To stir up the God-giving Spirit of leadership in KLC men and beyond in order to bring focus, purpose, vision and honour to the masculine gender via the process of training, teaching inspiration companionship and fellowship. With ultimate purpose of building and raising godly men to positively influence society.”
Aims and objectives
  • To be an anchor of support to the overall vision of Kingslight Chapel International Inc.
  • To help organize men of KLC as a force to reckon with, providing diverse kinds of support to each Individual man as a result.

  • To help develop the total man Spiritually, Socially, Physically and mentally both in the church and beyond with growth as the target.

  • To aid in the identification and pursuit of God-given talents, abilities, gifts and dreams of the men in the house.

  • To win the lost for Christ especially fellow men

  • To be an arm of encouragement and inspiration to generate godly leadership and responsibility for all men in their individual marriages as husbands and parents.

  • To mentor KLC youth in life’s critical choices such as career, courtship, marriage etcetera.

  • To help reposition men in their divinely assigned place and role in society.

  • To fraternize with other like-minded Christian Men for developmental purposes.

  • To be a voice on all issues regarding men both locally and internationally.

  • To establish a reading culture among men as a way of taking hold of the future in the church and society as a whole.

  • To foster unity among the men of KLC and to tap their abundant energies for development.